Plumbing and More

Every homeowner should have a good basic
understanding of the plumbing system in their home.

HomeSkills: Plumbing guides you through the layout
of the standard plumbing system, the materials used,
both past and present, the tools necessary for repairs
and projects, and numerous projects and repairs you
can easily accomplish.

The plumbing system, like the electrical system,
may seem deeply mysterious at first glance. How
does this seemingly jumbled assortment of pipes
(especially in an older home that may have
been updated many times) make any sense.
You will see that it actually does make a good
deal of sense.

While not as dangerous as the electrical
system, improperly installing or repairing
plumbing systems can cause serious damage to
your home through water leakage. It is important
to follow current code and building practices to
assure a dry, functional installation.

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